We care deeply about this land, so while we aim to take huge strides we endeavour to leave few footprints.

As a proud New Zealand owned and operated company we have a strong investment in maintaining the nature and diversity of this beautiful land. Our environmental focus is a conscious choice but one that also feels completely natural when we acknowledge how integral the health of the planet is to all of us. This commitment is not only written into our company core values but is actively practiced through our purchasing, processes and guest services.

We have numerous sustainable measures in place, many you will notice, many you will not. We are constantly reviewing all aspects of our business to see how we can lesson our footprint. If you see an opportunity we may have missed, or would like to share an idea with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email me personally with your comments or suggestions,
Kind regards

Oscar Morgan
General Manager and head of Rainforest Retreat sustainable committee.