West Coast Hidden Gem: Gillespies Beach and Galway Beach Seal Colony

On the West Coast, the glaciers are the superstars. These celebrities of the tourism world are the sights that everyone comes to see. And rightly so, but the beauty of the West Coast is also found in the hidden gems. … Read More

Disappearing tracks and wild rides: The history of the road to Franz Josef Glacier

As you cruise along the sealed, smooth surface of Highway 6 into Franz Josef Glacier, spare a thought for those hardy souls who first made vehicle access possible. Breaking new ground through dense rainforest, steep mountains and wild coastline amidst … Read More

How Long Should I spend on the West Coast

Accounting for 10% of New Zealand’s landmass, yet only 1% of its population, the mighty West Coast of the South Island is a striking destination. While it’s not big on residents, it is big on scenery. The West Coast is … Read More

What we learnt at Glacier Base: 5 facts about Franz Josef Glacier

Earlier this year the Franz Josef Glacier Guides team moved into the brand new Glacier Base Building. Seeing as Glacier Base is one of our closest neighbours, we like to pop in to say hi now and then. There’s always … Read More

Jump the Southern Hemisphere’s highest tandem skydive at Franz Josef Glacier

Heading to Franz Josef Glacier and feeling the need to do something truly amazing, terrifying… and exhilarating? Then it’s got to be a skydive. And not just any skydive. Local company Skydive Franz gives its lucky (and brave) customers the … Read More

Want to see the worlds rarest kiwi?

Throughout New Zealand, kiwis are under threat. These shy, nocturnal, flightless birds are vulnerable to introduced predators as well as habitat destruction. Out of the five species of kiwi, the Rowi is the rarest. The Rowi happens to be a … Read More