This is by far the best hotel I’ve…

This is by far the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Far better than the cordis, but with a range of options to suit any budget! Staff are lovely and extremely generous, and the deluxe rooms are incredibly cheap for what you get. I think I will have to return here every year for the rest of my life. 10 stars out of 5!! 100 stars!!! All the stars!! Better yet, the whole place is pet friendly, so no family member need be left behind (although I think horses might be a bit difficult). Honestly, it was worth travelling from Auckland to Franz Josef just to stay in this hotel. Cannot express how wonderful my time here was!

Modern and Luxurious Individual Accommodations set amongst lush native bush.

Space and seclusion. Family Tree Houses and Lodge cabins, individually sited.

Comfortable Motel rooms, Dorm Rooms and Powered Campervan Sites


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